Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Giveaway from Kelly the Kitchen Kop

There is a giveaway on another blog I follow that needs to be shared with more people! 
Enter HERE, for an online course giveaway about 'real food' and pregnancy. For all the moms and couples thinking about having children, it is a great source of knowledge for preparing the body before conceiving. Don't worry if you already have a baby on the way, still enter because every little thing you do for your body and the baby's is extremely important! If you are a friend or family member and know someone that wants children, try winning it as a gift for them too! Hurry though, the giveaway ends Monday, October 17th, 12pm EST and the winner is announced Tuesday, October 18th.

If you do not know already, I feel nutrition is very important and I want to study more about this field going on for my Bachelors. There are health problems in my family and I believe food can heal many problems - just it has to be the right foods. Since I do not have the full knowledge about traditional foods and I am still learning, I recommend blogs such as Kelly the Kitchen Kop, Cheeseslave, or Food Renegade, and the list is growing, even Keeper of the Home is pretty good. I also recommend reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon or going to the WAPF website for articles and more information. Also, these sites have great recipes such as this 
Egg Drop Soup recipe on Kelly the Kitchen Kop:

This looks really good!

Even if you feel like you do not like the idea of real, traditional foods, I challenge you to try it. That, or just having that knowledge is very important! You are the consumer and I feel it is a powerful thing when you are empowered to know the differences between ALL options so you can make the right choice! I do have my views, but all I can do is share my views and hope that someone else's life will be changed because of that. So, with that, enter the contest, read up some good knowledge, and eat and live well.

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