Friday, April 15, 2011

A Little Surprised & confused

I was looking at Young House Love’s post today:
They had a link in there to a pillow from ZGallerie:
Jardin Outdoor/Indoor Pillow 18
So I followed the link and came across some pillows that is " practically the same...just a different color" as my sister says instead of what I wrote: look just like mine!!
I bought this pillow last summer 2010
pillow 005
Well, actually I bought 2. I got them from Home Goods for maybe $15 each or less than that? I don’t really remember now.
Anyways, I am a bit surprised as it turns out that they are selling these pillows at ZGallerie! (If you have ever walked into their store, love <3 at first sight)
Cherish Pillow 20Click here to view larger image
Pretty similar right?? Their pillows go for $49.95 each! (Yeah, I saved about $70 for 2) and it seems they just have those two colors.
Now my question is when did they come out with these pillows because I don’t remember seeing them but I got mine a year ago. Maybe someone out there will let me know if they ever sold those green ones. I don’t remember my pillows ever having a tag on them for that store either.
The other ones on their site are amazing too! So while I’m at it, here are the ones I like (including those posted above):
Bukhara Pillow 24Ambi Pillow - AquamarineAsha Pillow 24Jardin Outdoor/Indoor Pillow 18Mediterranean Pillow 20Floret Pillow 18Fiore Pillow 16Fray Pillow 18Fresco Pillow - Peacock 18Bloom Pillow - AubergineBloom Pillow - TanHollywood Pillow 20Hollywood Pillow 20Bukhara Pillow 24Venus Pillow 20Venus Pillow 20Juliette Pillow - French Blue 24Juliette Pillow - Aubergine 24Rose Pillow 16Empire Pillow - Bronze 24Couture Pillow 24Bianca Pillows
Yeah. I would go broke Open-mouthed smile
I like their texture, embroidery, silks, fun prints, luxe feel, and for some of them a warm beach day feel or Mediterranean. Well, at lease that’s what I get out of it! :)


  1. similar?...your pillow is practically the same...just a different color...well i guess you got high end looking decor for's great

  2. @ Adrastia217

    lol, well I didn't want to make it sound like I had the same pillow, but "practically the same" does sound better :D I will edit my words for yours

    I also got another great deal I didn't mention that day too. It was a bundle of two, 100% dupioni silk pillow casings stuffed with down feathers... only $15... I snatched those quickly and didn't let them go!