Friday, April 1, 2011

Vase Craft


I do not have before photos nor the process how I did it, but it is very easy!

What you need (found at any craft store):

  • A vase that you do not care to get paint in it
  • Acrylic paint of whatever color choice
  • Rhinestones (I used Swarovski rhinestones since I love crystals and these have the best sparkle)
  • GOOP glass glue, or Super Glue (You can use hot glue but it will come off easy and it cools too quickly, so I do not recommend it) - I would also suggest you use a form of GOOP b/c if you make a mistake it is easier to fix what you did compared to the super glue (unless you're just that good!)
The first thing you want to do is drizzle paint on the inside of the vase. You hold the paint at the rim and let the paint run down to the bottom. Make sure your vase is DRY and cleaned off from dust, wax, oil, etc. or your paint will get messed up and streaky.
When you are drizzling the paint, you are creating a faux milk glass technique. This is not new to the crafter world; I have seen it done 2 ways. The way I did it, or you can spray paint the outside (which will allow you to still use the inside of the vase for water). 
Once you have drizzled the paint all around the rim, flip it upside down and let the excess paint drip out on to a newspaper or something. Let that drip for a few hours or so and flip it up right when it doesn't seem too liquidy. Try and let the piece sit over night before messing with it. The paint will cure probably in 24 hours, but I am not sure.

Next thing I did was create a diamond pattern on the outside and glued on the rhinestones. You can do many different designs, and I have more ideas in my head! Just let the rhinestones dry according to the instructions you should follow on your glue instructions. CAUTION - the glue does smell! Again, read the back for safety but do not be afraid of it. I also marked where I was to put the sparkles so I did not completely mess up. You can mark with a permanent marker or dry erase. With the permanent, once it's dry you can just scratch it off if you did not like where you placed it.

When gluing the rhinestones, if you have tweezers, use those to help! IMG_0026

Once you are done add some pretty flowers and display! I used flowers I made instead of real ones b/c I do not think I should put water on the inside with my paint. If your vase is just that cool, try sticking in a smaller piece inside to hold the water if you really want to use real flowers. 

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