Friday, April 8, 2011

Painting I did in August of 2010

I still have to paint on 2 birds and 1 dragonfly, fix some skinny branches and seal it. Other than that, it is hanging up on my wall. It is floor to ceiling in length, about 7 feet total. Each canvas is 22" x 28"
I started by horizontally painting on the blue in the background, with a light ombre effect and the details left are the streaks. After that I drew on the tree between all of the 3 canvases and then added the skinnier branches and flowers. I also silver and gold leafed a few for some more dimension. :)
The colors are not as yellowed as this appears in real life.
If you look for it, you can see the metal leafing on the flowers:
I was a pretty simple painting. Between drying time and painting, it took about 2 days. Again, the colors are better in real life. This wall is up against all of the windows so there is not adequate lighting for this thing on camera.
With the flash you have a better idea.
Perfect painting for Spring!


  1. wow!...this is really awesome...i'm impressed >^_^<

  2. @Melissa
    Thanks! I thought you've seen a picture of it before? Oh well. I have a new one I need to paint. It's sketched out for now but I will be painting it soon (probably when it's down time and class ends)

  3. great work! staring at the painting makes you feel relax... keep it up jennifer!