Friday, April 8, 2011

Ceramics for the Family + a Canvas piece

Vacation 053While we were in Kentucky, we had the fortunate event of being about 4 1/2 hours from my Mom’s side of the family – this enabled Nick and I to get to know them better and see them more, which meant paint stuff for them! Originally I had painted a mug for one of my Uncle’s back in 2006  for Christmas: Vacation 050Vacation 055
So, because my other Uncle, Mike, loves fishing and bass and he kept taking Chris’ every time he visited, I decided to paint his own. Now, painting from 2006 to 2009 there is a notable difference in the 3 years considering skill and different art techniques. So, Chris, you have an original, but Mike has a more advanced painting. Both still made with love though!
Anyways, enough chatter… here is the one I painted for Mike:
trip   christmas 133trip   christmas 134trip   christmas 137
It is a travel ceramic mug, but apparently it does not travel with him at all, but stays on a shelf. Oh well, I guess it’s safer that way!

(Disclosure: these were original paintings I found online of the 2 bass mugs. The first I painted was from a t-shirt design, and the other was from an artist, that I do not remember his name, but I remember getting the picture idea off of a blog post by some man named Micheal Davis who had posted the painting. I usually Google pictures for designs to sketch. )

Here is a tiny nativity set I painted for Mom. It is still ceramic, but I used acrylics instead of under glaze paints and no firing it in the kiln.
A-Dawg2 027A-Dawg2 022 She already had a beautiful set she painted for herself when us 3 kids were much younger; but of course, I am usually slow to making her stuff when it comes to art, I don’t know why, she should have first dibs.. so this was small and travel size and perfect for a plane ride for gifting.
This is one I did for us. It is now glued into an iron wrought frame/key hanger which I can up load that and other painted projects later:
tripDCandMORE 126
Here is another tile I painted for my Grandma (one that was close to us when we lived in KY). I wished I painted one like this for myself too. I loved the colors and birds, but for now I just keep the pattern :D
tripDCandMORE 186

That’s all for now! I have painted so much stuff for friends and family (and displays while I worked at the ceramic studio) that I wish I took pictures of them all. I really need to get back into it too, I need to keep up my skills :)
Here’s a non-ceramic related piece I painted for a friend and their baby about 2 years ago now (wow, Zoe is growing fast!)
tripDCandMORE 014tripDCandMORE 016tripDCandMORE 024
More artwork to come later!


  1. what else have you done that i haven't seen!!! don't remember seeing that mug for's great...& i like the tile w/ the birds

  2. Yeah, that unfortunately happens when we leave the state :(

    BTW, I realized this post pushes itself to the top and when I try to reply to you I have problems (it wouldn't let me), so it's good to know you did not have an issue (I have to click through other ways to get it to work)