Friday, April 1, 2011

My Finch Pepe

Hello Blogosphere!
I got a new camera! I actually won it and it’s a Canon IXUS. It’s 12.1 Mega Pixels and right now it serves me well :)
I hopefully get to play with the camera at the park tomorrow. But for now I am going to post long awaited projects that I have done in the past several months (some are still in progress).
I am now in school again (thankfully!) and I should hopefully be start blogging more, at least just for the family to keep in touch to start with! Play Time!
(PS, speaking of new things – my husband got me a new computer for Christmas for my start up of school this past January, and I love the newer technology. I have discovered on here about Windows Live Writer and it seems to make new blogging easy…so far so good!)

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  1. yay! new camera! better use it...i expect to see lots of pics