Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Day Out At Baylor (Heavy Image)

Earlier this afternoon, Nick and I went out to a King James Bible Exhibition. I think why the exhibition is here is because it was a part of a conference that they held on campus for this weekend, up until tonight (Saturday). Which of course I must brag on Nick…he presented a paper at the conference and his topic was recorded and will be used for a radio news feed in Australia! I think the station is ABC, but for them, it’s like our PBS here. The whole point of the King James Bible’s celebration is for its 400th year mark! Crazy!
We have a gorgeous library on campus that is also a museum. It is the Armstrong Browning Library (here is their site if you want to look at it ) and it is dedicated to both Elizabeth Barrett-Browning and Robert Browning by the late Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong. Pictures do not do it justice, but here are a few of my favorite room! (Also, we ran out of time so I couldn’t take any more than I did from today)

DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 027Just imagine that urn being about an average women’s height and then compare that to the rest of the room’s grander.
DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 031
DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 023
DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 032DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 024DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 030
DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 028
Alright, I won’t gush over the room anymore :)
For the exhibit we were not allowed to take any photos, which made Nick really sad (that’s alright though…I was just impressed that he was reading all of the ancient Hebrew scripts and scrolls…smarty :D ) This is the description they had on the site though:
Over 100 rare and ancient Bibles from one of the world's largest collections of Bibles and related documents of the Judeo-Christian tradition will be on display to enhance the international conference, The King James Bible and the World It Made, 1611-2011.
There were some really old relics in there! Including a small portion to the Dead Sea Scrolls and cuneiform writings in stone; found this on Google for you as an idea, but the ones we saw were much smaller in writing and not as polished looking as this one:
I also learned about the Wicked Bible! :D  Apparently, in the 1630s they were trying to make so many copies of the King James Bible that there were a few screw ups. I think they had to revise it like 40 times! Anyways, in Exodus 20, where they list the 10 Commandments, verse 14 should read “Thou shall not commit adultery.” Well, they forgot ‘not.’
BTW, to read that, all of the lower case ‘s’ looks like ‘f’ and were ‘f’ is supposed to be, it still looks like a ‘f’ so “false” looks like “fafle." Just thought that may be helpful.

There was also a P36 P39… apparently it was a letter written by St. John (I believe his own hand written/original) Although, I don’t remember it b/c it was crowded in there and I didn’t ask Nick that many questions because it was a bit over whelming with the people and our time constraint; so even though he told me "it is really cool to see this while we are here," I didn’t know until I was in the car going home what it actually was…bummer!

This is apart of the museum and I am allowed to take photos of these.
DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 033DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 033 (2)
DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 034
Now for the gorgeous day!
DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 035DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 037DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 040
Famous Baylor University building. The top dome is made of 24k gold! Crazy, but pretty!
DayAtBaylor_OldBibleScripts_SomeArt 042

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