Thursday, July 14, 2011

not gone, just away

so i am still going to be away for awhile simply because i am taking a summer course for college. i just finished the first summer session with art appreciation and intro to anatomy and physiology. the second summer session is anatomy and physiology 1. it has been intense, but i have appreciated the learning - although, i am ready to get back to crafting and free time! until the second week in august, i hope everyone is having a great summer!


  1. aw, i hope you get *some* time to enjoy your summer. work hard, but enjoy some play time as well!! :)

  2. @ Lisa
    Hey thanks :) well, I will try to have some fun, just my actions should be towards school, but my thoughts are towards creative things :D I will have 2 weeks off though before the Fall classes though, that will count for something, that I can assure!